About Alice

Welcome to the world and work of Alice Broughton, Owner/Proprietor of AB Design and Consulting.  Thank you for visiting!

Alice Broughton is a Chicago area project manager, draper, designer.  Alice graduated from Indiana University Bloomington in 2007 with degrees in History and Costume Construction Entrepreneurship.  Alice has extensive background in teaching both secondary and higher education, and designing and creating costumes for live performance and film.

AB Design and Consulting has had the pleasure of working with many area cultural institutions, including but not limited to the Goodman Theater, The Looking Glass Theater Company, Steppenwolf Theater Company, The Lyric Opera, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Northwestern University and Willow Creek Community Church.

Projects currently running or recently released:  Goodman Theatre’s Enemy of the People, Chicago Children’s Theater’s An Epic Tale of Scale, Ray Dalton If You Fall Music Video.

Current Projects in Production: Willow Creek Easter service video and live production, Lyric Opera’s Empower Youth 2018 production.